The mission of TeckZy is client satisfaction. A positive overall user experience is the most important principle of Teckzy. Our services are not just confined to the sold products. We provide unlimited support to our clients through the following channels:


  • We extend the maximum possible support to the stakeholders- our clients. We prioritize your needs as longs as we are in collaboration. Because we understand your business hours and your business operations are the key factors that are saved and automated through our software.
  • 9am-9pm on business working days, our support team will be available to help with any kind of query or updates.
  • Ticketing system for support is available 24x7.
  • Time to time, we upgrade our clients to the next level of technology to keep their businesses on par with the latest trending methods of digitalization which is a necessary business intelligence.
  • All our existing clients are entitled for special discounts on Upgrades, Upselling or any New requirements.


  • Our Business Team is available for 14 hours from 8am-10pm.
  • Presentations, Offline Demos, Online Demos, Direct appointments at client’s premises or at TeckZy premises can be scheduled as per the client’s convenience.
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe!!! Considering the Covid times, Teckzy provides a complete contactless sales service experience for our clients. You can interact with us from your home or your office through all our remote platforms for requirement sharing, online demo, technical discussion, documentation, payments, etc.
  • Any unique requirement will be put on to a technical discussion with our experts offering more insight on the project. This provides the 3 important aspects of your business operations- Availability, Scalability & Security.
  • To aid customization, unlike any other software company, we offer technical support even before the client is on board.
  • Moderate pricing with flexible payment methods. Specific products and few customized projects can be availed under installment payment terms.
  • We invite our clients to collaborate with us. We are open to be the technological partner of any new, startup, growing or established organization. Therefore, your ideas and concepts are safe with us.
  • Once our clients are on board with us, we sign up a mutually benefiting agreement on the products purchased from us. This includes development of the product, customization, testing, training, implementation, confidentiality, copy rights & trade mark rights, etc.


  • For every client, we deploy one Technical Manager from TeckZy as a single point of contact for effective coordination.
  • TeckZy holds a set of highly experienced professionals who will prepare the first cut Techno-Functional Document showing the complete flow of the developing product. This helps the client to picturize the output.
  • At every step, the client will be consulted and updated on the developments.
  • TeckZy makes sure that the clients are at full satisfaction with live testing.
  • At any given point of time, the clients can always express their innovative ideas to be inculcated according to their preferences.
  • User manual for user friendly products. Training on the product is an anytime process.