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Evolution, Knowledge, Human Development, Industrial revolution, Digitization, Data Science, all distinct subjects, together help chronicle the journey from the beginning of time, from Life as a cell to cell phones and beyond. TeckZy endeavours to play a part in the journey beyond this point with the objective of helping businesses connect the dots for realizing maximum value through digitization.

With gravity’s assistance, a bright star captivated a cluster of dust and gas. To stand out from other planets, this new solar member coloured itself blue and on its timescale cultivated a potential to life. The construction of Earth over a span of 4.5 billion years is quite a remarkable visual- a tilted spherical body rotating and revolving constantly with many landmarks in its global metamorphosis. 

Out of the gazillion things that occurred, the most impactful transformative power is Human Evolution. Scientifically, the development of human species is a result of a complicated network of countless factors. This fact is contrary to the popular assumption of a linear pattern. Hence, Stephen Jay Gould rightly described the process of evolution  as “a bush and not a ladder”. The divergence has always been ‘web-like’. The roots however date back to the origin of Primates 85 million years ago. Primates are mammals that specially live tropical-tree life. They survived due to a stronger resistance to challenging environments. We seem to possess many common ancestral links within the “ape family”, taxonomically called Hominoidea.

Paleontology has carved a way to structurally analyze how our needs evolved. Two most important anatomical developments include Bipedalism and Encephalization. The advantages of bipedal walking over quadrupled knuckle-walking are very obvious. It turned out to reduce the consumption of energy during long distance locomotion, made the forelimbs available for other beneficial purposes and enabled wider field vision. Due to reduced tree to tree arm swinging, the length of the forelimbs decreased. The erect position led to a S-shaped vertebral column. All this summed up to the posture seen in humans today


In layman’s terms, encephalization is a technical aspect used to measure and study brain size. It is a vocabulary particularly used to describe how our brain evolves. The mass of the brain we currently possess is almost triple the times of that of our other primate cousins like chimpanzees and gorillas. The lobes of the brain unfolded thereby organizing problem solving, social behaviour, language adoption, creative thinking, etc which became necessary for the growing complexity of the human habitat. 

The fully grown neural network proved and still proves to be a wondrous super power. It plays a principal role in sustaining the presence of our species. A far better understanding of the landform, the needs and wants, physical and emotional well being among tribes were all the new traits incorporated. In a nutshell, civilization began. By taking a quick glance of the non-stop phenomenal development that followed, one is sure to be astonished by the supreme power of the 1330 cm3 human brain. Be it agriculture, trade, management or any other cultural skill, all symbolized our uniqueness. A futuristic approach on the population was always directly or indirectly involved. 

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As we turn the pages further, we come across several highly important inventions that have largely altered the lifestyle of this planet’s inhabitants. To quote Stephen Gardiner would be an ideal way to start this segment of the narration- “The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization”. The Industrial Revolution is that important time when technology became the most prominent feature in the world. The influence has been massive enough and the impact is felt everyday. The four revolutions taught that embracing the fast-growing tech-world is a must for a better standard of living. 

Mechanization led to a series of irreversible changes. The industrialization of certain regions alongside commercial agriculture, handicrafts, etc was a major sign predicting the upcoming revolutions. Economic historians named this period as ‘proto-industrialization’.

The textile industry was the flag bearer of the 1st Industrial Revolution. It was the earliest to realize the potential of machines in the 1760s. A drastic increase in population, employment rate and capital investments were a few examples of the progress. Gradually, new manufacturing processes began to replace traditional agriculture as the most important economic pillar. Production of energy from steam and water had major inputs in the transition. Railroads boosted the financial status of markets. 

The 2nd Industrial Revolution is  the most important one till date. Almost a century later electrification marked the start of this crucial period in the 1870s. Communicative methods like telegraph and telephone were noteworthy factors. There was rising demand and supply for steel, iron, gas and oil. Many modern methods were introduced in the chemical industry. Better sewage systems were also constructed. 


Digital Revolution is the name assigned to the 3rd Industrial Revolution. It dominated the second half of 20th century. This next level did begin with the invention of Nuclear Energy. But pushing everything aside came in Computerized Automation. Digitizing every requirement and idea made us reach unprecedented heights. A deeper dive into space and biotechnology became more and more practical. Ultimately, information technology gave another epochal shift at a global level.

Though still debatable, many historians believe that the Internet itself is the 4th Industrial Revolution which is clearly still ongoing. The World Wide Web made every terrain accessible and vanished almost all the geographical barriers. Offering every individual a voice, it forged a stronger connection among people. Though we are participants of this major technological advancement everyday, the complete impact of it is yet to be realized. Considering its tremendous pace, the influence has become unpredictable and uncontrollable.

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We have landed in a time zone where software applications are required in every sector to deliver necessities at doorsteps literally. Computerization is definitely the ‘most-needed’, particularly in defeating a pandemic locking humans indoors. That is why, start-ups like TeckZy and their services offered are the need of the hour. One might possess a brilliant product, sufficient zeal, skill and resource to serve customers. But lack of a modern communicative tool might topple the built idea. One might possess a detailed infrastructure to run their establishment. But a manual approach to all the tasks can be very tedious. Well, TeckZy can troubleshoot these drawbacks. It is capable of bringing the end to end process on a smart screen

It is essential to be quick enough to upgrade to such “new-normal” trends. Because this planet’s history taught us one foremost lesson from time to time- ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Adopt and enhance the reality because like Eric Pearson said, “It is no longer the big beating the small. But the fast beating the slow”.