Readymade Products

  • POS Retail Billing Software – Multi Location, Multi branch & Multi Terminal.
  • Wholesale billing Software – Order processing, payment & credit options.
  • Inventory Management Software.
  • Static/Dynamic Website.
  • E-commerce Website.

Customized Products

  • Manufacturing- Raw Material procurement, inventory, Product Inventory, Pilferage/loss prevention.
  • Inventory/Asset Management.
  • Distribution Software- Multi-Brand/Multi-location.
  • Warehouse Management – Product in-out/Rackspace Management.
  • ERP/CRM/Payroll/Production.
  • School/College Management.
  • Hospital Management.
  • Hotel Management.
  • MLM.

Mobile Apps (Pvt)- Android & iOS

  • Online Ordering and Delivery.
  • E-commerce.
  • Online Classes/Tutorials.
  • Online Notifications/Reports.
  • HR- Attendance/Payroll.
  • Sales Force.

Specialized Projects & Public Apps

  • Photo-sharing App.
  • Medical Consultation.
  • Online Food Delivery.
  • Online Grocery/Textiles/Accessories/Supplies.
  • Online Home Services.
  • Facility Management with online workflows.
  • Utility Ecommerce Application with workflows.
  • Customized process automation projects.


Research Services

We offer PhD Research assistance & guidance. We cut the complexities of choosing novel topics, analysing and formulating the problem statements. We improve your technical writing standards on the Synopsis, Proposal, Research Papers, Thesis and your final defence Viva. Our experts make sure that advanced tools are used for your Data Analysis & Implementation to get you the accurate results. Finally correct your errors and plagiarism with our proofreading service for a perfect submission of your papers and successful completion of your doctorate.

Technical Training

Acquiring a new skill-set, learning new tools, relearning smarter and faster is quite mandatory in the current competitive world. TeckZy has partnered with many clients in the industry and education sectors, to develop and deliver technical training to partners, students, faculty, and end customers. Some key technical training TeckZy can deliver includes Python, Python with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, SPSS, PHP, Cloud Computing, etc.,.


We specialize in Drone Technology, Programming & Software Development.

Drone workshops for students of schools, colleges and individuals are conducted.

Every training is customized based on the trainees academic or domain preferences.

Skysurfer Workshop.